- Archieve and save past and current scene groups.
- Save the info from the death website aboutthescene.com for who might remember it.
Those are the 2 main reasons I created this website. I want to keep it plain and simple so it's easy to find the info you want.

I would like to expand it with respected p2p groups since I haven't found a place or website that keeps a nice record of them. I support both the scene and p2p in my own way. (no I'm not a scener and I'm not in a p2p group, I just got good contacts to help and gather information for my website in both environments.) These days you can find almost any info on the internet as you can see on my links page. I wish the scene was more secure like it used to be and I wounder a lot about the future of the scene. When you watch a prech you sometimes see childish nukes, spam messages and flame notices that destroy the scene. And don't get me started on some of the scene rules that are out there, made by ignorant wannabee n00bs. (No not all rules are bad but when a new ruleset comes out it makes me think WTF from time to time.) Since p2p groups don't have any of these written agreements among eachother there's a higher chance in greater quality then a scene release and that's why I like p2p groups.

As you have seen I got a few adds on my website. I hate them myself but I can't pay all the webhosting etc. myself. So that's the reason i got them. Feel free to donate a small (or big ) ammount so i can put the banners away and replace them with some nice scene/p2p art. Everything i recieve will go back at the site.

As a last note I would like to pay respect for a few things:
- Respect to all the great scene groups that have died over the years. There are many reasons for a group to stop releasing but the one exception I laugh about is if it was because of a raid. Then you've got yourself to blame.
- Respect for the current scene groups and everybody that is involved in the scene for releasing almost everything that's out there. (for various reasons.)
- Respect to p2p groups that prefer quality over speed. (and sometimes size.)
- Respect for the release blogs that post for themselfs and don't rip off other sites content. (yes I don't hate competition but hate stealing without giving credit to the real site!)
- ...

SGL db Notes:

There is a small difference between the 2 databases.

The first one is fully done and checked by hand, while the other is automated partly with a bot.

For the record we also add groups who aren’t active anymore out of respect and to keep the memory for future generations.
We salute all scene groups with the greatest respect and honor we got. (in and out of our list)
I can only hope that the current sceners respect the old school ways and respect my wish to archieve the scene as http://noname.c64.org/csdb/ is doing it for the C64.

This is more info for the manual database:

- If the last release from a group is less then 1 year old when we check it we set ???? in the list as end date.
(If the last release of the group is older then 1 year it’s considered disbanded/inactive)
- The datestamp used in the SGL is dd/mm/yyyy
- apps = applications/iso’s/programs
- COVERS = all kinds of covers
- DVD = everything from cam to dvdrip from VCD/SCVD to dvd
- DVDR = DVDR releases
- EBOOK = EBOOKS & guides
- GAMES = all type of games, console, PS3, pc, pda, xbox etc.
- HD = higdef movies, bd & br rips included
- MUSIC = all music files and audiobooks
- MViD = music video
- TV = TV and HighDefinition TV

- Our ircpredb started around 2003 so groups with a start date of 2003 are sometimes older and we’re gonna try to check all of them on other presearches.
- We’re gonna update frequently to keep it “up-to-date” so if a group is missing please have patience, we’ll add it in the future.
- Do you want to use the list for your own projects? Feel free to contact Faolan Scath to get a copy of the list and latest updates.
- If you’re a scener who wants to help out or add details for your own group: you know where to find us (fish on request).

Sharing is Caring! No matter if you're in the scene or on a tracker, Share and Seed!