Glossary K-R

Keygen is a program which randomly generates software keys.

LAME is an open source MP3 (that is, MPEG-1 audio layer 3) audio compression. It's the standard codec in the scene.

The act of leaking ftp login info to other people.

Downloading a lot without uploading.

Leetspeak (1337) is a digital language used by gamers but also in the scene.

All new DVDs / movies are almost always made in widescreen format. When widescreen movie needs to be displayed on a screen with different aspect ratio from the original film (such as 4:3), the picture frame needs to be letterboxed. Letterboxing means adding black borders above and below the original frame.

A record of a DJ mixing live.

See cracktro

Vinyl full-length album

A music dvd, such as concerts, livesets, videoclips etc.

To create a virtual cd/dvd drive with the content of an image file.

Stands for MPEG Audio Layer-3. MP3 is a widely used technology for the compression and decompression of music.

Multi-Angle View:
When a movie is being shot, a concert/movie/etc may be recorded from more than one viewpoint. An angle block can contain up to 9 different angles, all equal in time length. That way the viewer will be able to view a movie or concert from different angles and and switch angles instantly.

A music video.

This is a service provided by many IRC networks that will allow you to register a nickname to make sure no-one else steals it on you.

NFO (.nfo file):
A nfo file is a textfile with information about the release.

The American video format standard.

Operating system of a computer, such as Windows or Mac.

OST stands for Original SoundTrack. A OST is a collection of music found in a particular video game, movie, TV serie, etc.

Most television sets magnify the image a little too much, cutting off a little from all four sides. Some cut off as much as 20% of the total image. Trained television technicians can usually fix overscan.

The European video format standard.

Pan & Scan:
Pan & Scan is a method used a lot by movie studios to create 4:3 versions of movies recorded in widescreen format by cropping out areas of the frames so that they have a perfect fit block for a 4:3 TV. The area's of the video that are cropped depend on where the action is currently. Most common, these parts are the movies' borders. Pan & Scan has a bad reputation among movie enthusiasts who claim that the movies are shot in widescreen format and should be viewed the way the director intended.

These files are able to reconstruct files that are missing from the archive when downloading via newsgroups. For example, if you have downloaded an archive that was split into 47 RAR files but one of them is missing, you could simply download a PAR file for that archive. Once you have the PAR file, you can use SmartPAR to reconstruct the missing file.

Other resolution digital tv recordings from source streams at a bitrate of 10+mbps or higher. It is a label given to files that were ripped directly from a purely digital source, having less resolution than HDTV.

A PDVD is usually an asian silver or, telesync copy of a movie, that has been encoded to DVD. PDVDs are usually sold by movie bootleggers. Quality varies of course. PDVDs are widely availible throughout some countries at an extremely low price.

sharing and delivery system where users who are logged are able can download files from eachother.

ProGram Chain, containing instructions in a DVD-Video title for controlling interactivity and the presentation of AV sequences and menus.

The unauthorised duplication and/or use and distribution of a software program/music/movies etc.

A .ppf file is a patch file, used to fix bad cd/dvd's.

Pay-Per-View. Pay television programming for which viewers pay a separate fee for each program ordered.

When a releasegroup pre's a release, it will be available for other people and the distribution will start. Also the releasename will be registered in the pre database.

When a release is pre'd, it will be seen by millions of people in pre-announce channels and sites. These are channels which echo every release when it's pred. Some people (pre-spammers) abuse the fact that so many people read this and they fake releases with a message as the releasename. That way the 'release' name will be seen by all these people, this is why they do it. For example when Germany lost against Italy in the semi finals there were pre spam messages like: Schade.Deutschland.Alles.Ist.Vobei-2006-uSuCK. Pre-spam is certainly not tolerated and pre-spammers will be punished or scenebanned.

A tool releasegroups use to pre a release simultaneously at multiple sites. Thanks to the pre-tool, the releasegroup doesn't have to pre it manually on every site, this saves them time, and the release is pre'd at the same time at all sites.

A gateway though which users can connect to the Internet. Advantage of proxy is that servers and other www-users won't be able to view the user's real ip.

A proper is released when there is something wrong with a release, and another groups releases it but then without the bug/problem.

A copy of a Playstation 2 game released to CD.

A copy of a Playstation 2 game released to DVD.

A copy of a Playstation 2 game released to DVD.

This is a computer that has been compromised and has an FTPD running on it. It will be used to share warez, mainly to the FXP Community.

People who try to fill a release the quickest.

The act of raping a FTP server is when someone downloads pretty much everything then can from it at a very fast speed.

Rated means a movie is censored.

A recode is a previously released movie, usually filtered through TMPGenc to remove subtitles, fix color etc.

The act of hacking a computer/pubstro which someone else already hacked, and replacing his Serv-U. Rehacking will often result in a ban from all FXP boards.

Original releases are rips of movies, programs, games and music, all released by groups specialized in creating these kinds of releases.

Groups of people who release programs/games/movies on the internet.

(Digitally) remastered means that an older not-digital movie has been re-editted, remastered and is released on DVD.

If a group releases a bad rip, they will release a Repack which will fix the problems. It's similar to proper but then done by the same group.

A previous rip was bad, now it's ripped again properly.

Refers to the sharpness and the size of a video, usually measured in pixels/dots per inch (dpi).The higher the resolution of a video, the greater the sharpness and the larger the file size will be. 640 (width) by 320 (height) pixels for example is sharper on a big screen than a 320 x 160 video.

To extract or copy data from a cd/dvd to an useful format on harddisk.

ROM images is used in the context of emulation for software which only runs on different hardware. These ROM images can be run on an emulator. For example, GBA rom images which are started on a GBA Emulator. That way you can play GBA games on your pc.

RTM means Release To Manufacturing. This release is leaked before it's available in stores. A RTM version of a software title is the final retail version, the one that you will be seeing in stores.