About releases:
Release types

All those scene releases have to be ordered in a clear system, so it's easy to look something up.
Therefore the releases are catagorized in the catagories below.
The most important catagories are:

TVRip: A rip from a television show
Movie: Movie in video format
- DiVX (A movie ripped in DiVX format)
- XViD (A movie ripped in XViD format)
- VCD (A movie ripped in VCD format)
- SVCD (A movie ripped in SVCD format)
Apps: Applications
Games: PC games
MP3: Music albums/singles/vinyls/livesets/etc
Console Games: Games for consoles, such as:
- XBOX (Xbox games)
- XBOX360 (Xbox360 games)
- PS2 (Playstation 2 games)
- NGC (Nintendo GameCube games)
- GBA (GameBoy Advance games)
- PSP (Playstation Portable games)
0day: 0day refers to software, videos, music, or information released or obtained on the day of public release. This contains:
- E-Bookz (Digital tutorials and howto's)
- Telephone/PDA Software
- Kids software
- Addons (all types of addons for utilities/games)
- Commerical fonts
- Screensavers
- XXX-imagesets (Imagesets from pornsites)
- Dox (single keygens/cracks/fixes)
- Covers (DVD/CD covers)
- Scene stuff
Stuff like scene messages (textfile messages to share something with people in the scene, f.e. messages about busts or when a releasegroup stops or when someone is suspected to be a fed), scene charts (which releasegroups did the most releases, published every month) and more.

There are even more catagories like but they are less important. Such as: VHS (A VHS-videotape rip), PSP-movies, XVCD (A movie rip like VCD) and previous generation console games like PSX (PlayStation 1), DC (Dreamcast games).
MDVDr, XXX and Anime sometimes are also defined as a catagory. In fact it's a movie/dvdr genre, but since they are a little different from regular movies they are sometimes considered as unique catagories. The same goes for MDVDr (Music DVDr) which is different from regular movies but it's still DVDr, and the same story for MViD (Music Video) but then video.