About releasegroups:

Releasegroup in general

A releasegroup simply is a group of people which releases warez such as movies, games applications, or music on the internet. IRC is the group's medium to stay in contact with eachother. The size of a group varies, some groups have just 5 people, others maybe 20. Mostly the members of the group don't know eachother in real life. Trust is a highly important issue. Since the group's activities aren't legal, the teammembers have to be able to rely on eachother. If one member gets caught, the other ones are in big trouble too, so security has high priority. This means that for example they talk on private irc servers or through a bouncer, and they connect to their sites through proxy's.

The life of a releasegroup has been an interesting subject for multiple well viewed tv-series. Go to the links page to check them out.

In the group, every teammember has his own task. You can read more about this on the structure page.