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Hello and welcome to the Scene Group List website.

On this site you can learn a lot about the "warez scene". (check the scene info tab) And find some basic info about a lot of groups. (scene groups and in the future p2p groups! check the list page) I've also collected some nice links where you can find more info about various subjects related to the "warez scene" as well as other usefull sites. (check the links page)

I've been able to save a lot of info from the dead aboutthescene.com website. I've updated it as well since the owner didn't cared about the website anymore. (the last info posted on there dated from 2005.) It forms the base of the scene info tab.

My goal is to maintain and archieve the info about the scenegroups for future generations.

If you want to know more about me and the website check the about pages. Have fun browsing and using the site.

Please click a few adds or donate a few dollars/euro's to support my work - best viewed with the latest version of firefox.